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Custom Production

customproduction350Let the experts at Protein Foundry manufacture custom-designed chemokine molecules for your research.

We have developed and optimized a robust refolding and purification process that produces the native molecule at very high yield. As a result, we can provide the highest quality recombinant chemokine proteins at competitive prices.

Wild-Type Chemokines

If your area is biomedical research, we can provide the specific quantities needed for your study.

If you need large quantities of chemokines for pre-clinical applications, we offer cost-effective pricing that will enable you to carry out in vivo studies in a variety of animal models.

Mutant Chemokines

Our production methods are robust enough to accommodate sequence modifications to any of the chemokines currently in our catalog.

Stable Isotope Labeling

Our pipeline supports metabolic labeling with stable isotopes (e.g. 15N and 13C) for NMR or mass spectrometry applications.